At New Web Consulting we recommend the Joomla!® Content Management System (CMS) for building and managing most types of web sites.

Earlier this week the Joomla project reached an important milestone, with the release of Joomla 1.6 Beta1 for testing. From here on there will be rapid new beta releases until the final version is available for use on production (live) sites.

This is exciting times in the Joomla project and I am honored that I can be part of that community.

Clients who's web sites are built on Joomla 1.5.x do not have to worry about support for their web sites, since the 1.5 version will still be supported for 12 months after 1.6 is released.

The extension developers will now be starting to get their code compatible with 1.6 so we expect to start migrating web sites to 1.6 soon after it is available for general use.

We plan to keep you informed of any news relating to Joomla 1.6

Redesigned web site launched!

With 2010 nearing the halfway mark, I thought it's about time that the New Web Consulting web site also gets a new look!

While we were busy refreshing the design, we are also expanded the details on the services we provide.

So have a look at the Services section; our Portfolio of client's web sites, and look out for information on the projects we are working on!

I would like to wish all my valued clients a prospersous 2010.

As everyone is well aware; this year we are hosting the FIFA World Cup ™ in South Africa, and this will bring many opportunities as well as challenges for us all.

We are also still recovering from a world-wide resession, but things are looking possitive.

New Web Consulting will continue to use tools like Google Adwords and Analytics, and the Joomla!™ CMS to help you build your business in an affordable, and sustainable way.

I look forward (especially) to continue to make your web sites more functional, and to help you reach your customers.

Celtic Manor Guest House and Spa is now know as Celtic Manor Retreat & Wellness Spa, and along with the change in name we are launching their re-designed web site:

Have a look at what they offer for accommodation for 2010, and make sure you book in time!

There are important updates and changes still to come (over the next month) including beautiful new photos, as well as information on mind/body soul retreats.

The Cape Furniture Manufacturer's Association's (CFMA) new web site was recently launched with a new look.

The aim of the site is to become a useful recourse for the Association's members.