A Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla!, is very powerful, and together with the over 7,000 Extension for it, can be used to build any type of web site.

Security becomes an issue when the CMS or the installed extensions are not kept up to date. This can result in the web site getting hacked, defaced, spam links inserted, or the site being used for phishing attempts (to steal people's bank details).

If you suspect that your Joomla! web site security was compromised or hacked, we can assist you.

Security Support for Joomla - Finding the cause

It is important to first determine if your web site is indeed hacked, or if what you are seeing is the result of a bug in the software (or extensions).

We will run a scan on your site to confirm this.

Fixing the Security Issue

Once we have confirmed that we are indeed dealing with a security issue, we will advise you on how we will proceed (depending on if it only involved the CMS or one of the installed Extension, or an issue with your web hosting account).

Our fee for Joomla! Security Support is R350 per hour or part thereof.

Please contact us for more information.