Google Adwords campaigns

A popular way of reaching new customers it to use Google Adwords.

Adwords are those Search Engine results that usually appear right at the top and/or on the side of the results.

These Adwords results are paid for. (usually per-click) Many web sites also have Google Ads in-between the content.

We can assist you in setting up your Google Adwords campaigns, as well as manage them on your behalf.

You remain in control of your budget and ad-payments to Google, and only pay us a monthly service fee to manage the campaign.

Please contact us for more information on managing your Adwords ad campaigns.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools

Google provides great tools to web site owners, that can help you to better understand what type of traffic your web site is getting, but also to help you identify potential problems with your web site.

We will help you understand the Analytics and Webmaster reports, and assist or guide you in implementing changes to your web sites.

Support is available at an hourly rate, or included in some of your Maintenance and Support packages. 

Please contact us for more details.