250 improvements to the Joomla CMS.

The Privacy Tool Suite by Joomla

  • Simply and easily set up your core forms to request consent before collecting any personal data.
  • Track user consents, manage site policy changes and much more besides, all with a glance at your dashboard.
  • Track and manage information access or removal requests from your users, seamlessly. Once a request is made, just log in, export their data and/or remove them.
  • Extension developer – give your potential users a helping hand, by making it clear what data your extension collects.
  • Want to know what administrative actions have been performed on your site? Thanks to Joomla 3.9, Super Users can easily see which user did what, and when.

More features included in Joomla 3.9

  • Article management enhancements
  • Greater Custom Fields flexibility
  • New front-end options

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We recommend that you make a backup of your website before you update or upgrade Joomla.

If you have version 2.5 or earlier of the Joomla CMS, you need to do a bit of research before upgrading to the current version, to make sure your installed extensions are compatible.

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